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Arabica decaffeinated coffee label
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As exceptional as the 3-star Great Taste Award Winning Ethiopia, this sparkling water decaff Kaffa Forest offers a balanced sweetness throughout the cup with floral notes, lime and milk chocolate. 

More Details:

Coffee: Ethiopia Kaffa Forest
Variety: Various heirloom coffees
Processing: Sparkling Water Decaffeinated
Altitude: 1750-1850 masl
Region: This family-owned estate is situated southwest of Addis Ababa in the highlands of the Haifa region. The coffee grows wild in natural forest among the trees creating incredible biodiversity. The plants are nurtured by cool morning mists, a lush tropical canopy provides shade and the soil is enriched with organic nutrients from the fallen leaves producing some of the most coveted floral, citrus and wild berry cup profiles in the world. Ethiopia's last forest lions are said to live in the Kaffa Forest.

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