Moonroast - What we do

Bean to Cup… a fresh approach.

Coffee beans hand roasted in small batches for those passionate about fresh, distinctive coffee. Our aim is to help spread the word that exceptional coffee is available to all and we should accept no less.

We are keen for all to discover and appreciate fine coffee and share how fresh coffee, straight out of our roaster, can make all the difference. Frequent hand roasting in small batches enables us to offer the freshest coffee to our customers. We are creating blends with the aim to maximize the depth of flavour and develop coffee that people will really enjoy drinking.

We are offering a range of coffees from around the world. The selection on offer will change during the year according to quality of coffee available and the timing of the harvest.

Bean to Cup is an involved process and there are many factors that determine whether a high quality cup of coffee is enjoyed. We aim to influence this process at each stage.

We are interested in the source of the coffee and like to know how it is grown, processed and stored. We source our green coffee beans with care, where possible from smallholders, offering consistency and high quality in a sustainable and ethical way.

The majority of our coffee is Arabica and we look to sample, roast and cup many cultivars before purchasing. We develop a roasting profile for each coffee to bring out the desired balance of smoothness, aromatic intensity, depth and breadth of flavour. Careful attention is given to level of roast and the associated balance of acidity and bitterness in the cup. 

Roasting in small batches enables us to pay close attention to detail, and find the coffee’s finest attributes. Our longer roasts will also contribute to enhanced flavour notes.  Small batch roasting on our Probat, enables us to adjust the roast profile. Split roasting is possible so each element of a blend is roasted to the optimum degree. It is fascinating to learn how the roast profile helps bring the best out of the coffee.

Once the product is delivered to your home or business we like to share the importance of how it is stored and we offer advice on how to keep the coffee as fresh as possible.

We also offer guidance on the methods of brewing the coffee as a fine coffee can be spoiled at the final hurdle. 

We are keen to offer a range of high quality single origin coffees and blends to show their distinct differences and develop our customers’ interest and palate in the world of coffee. We like to know which coffees you love to drink and develop the blends accordingly.

Coffee Roasting at Moonroast

At Moonroast, we hand roast all our coffees in small batches using our Probat roaster which will roast between 6 – 12kg of green beans at a time. We also use Probat sample roasters which will roast 100g at a time and enables us to sample different coffees from around the world.

Roast level

We grade our roast levels on a scale of 1(light) - 8(dark). The system of grading is based on the Agtron scale commonly used by professional cuppers and roasters.

The process of roasting is carried out by hand and requires adjustments at various stages of the roast. We make use of the Probat roasting profile software to develop consistency with each roast and ensure we get the best out of each batch of green beans.

Once the roaster has heated up to over 200 degrees in temperature, the green beans enter the rotating drum via a hopper at the top of the roaster. The beans gradually start to turn brown in colour and, after about 10 minutes, will go through a process called ‘1st crack’ where they begin to pop like popcorn. Depending on the roast profile and the roasting level required for different types of bean, they might stay in the roaster and go through a ‘2nd crack’. This might be described as a medium dark roast.

Once the optimum level of roast has been reached, beans are emptied into the cooling tray through the cooling hatch where they are rapidly air cooled for a few minutes. Once cooled, beans are immediately blended or straight away packaged as single origin beans depending on requirements of our customers. Each roast will take up to 20 minutes.