Tips on making the best coffee

Here are some tips on how to get the very best out of your Moonroast coffee beans.

Someone enjoying Moonroast coffee

  • Use fresh beans to get the best out of your coffee. For the best results drink within 3 weeks of roasting.
  • Minimise contact with the air. When beans are left out in an open package, the fine flavour of the beans will deteriorate rapidly, as oxygen and moisture are quickly absorbed by the beans.
  • Coffee beans store best over time in the freezer. Take out one week's supply at a time.
  • Freshly grind your coffee on demand.
  • We advise keen coffee drinkers to purchase a grinder and grind beans on demand. Burr grinders are best. They grind coffee to an even consistency. Use the correct size grind depending on your coffee making method but as a rule the quicker the coffee brews, the finer the grind. Grind consistency is vital to achieve a consistent extraction.
  • Always add hot not boiling water, about 93 degrees C and warm up whichever piece of kit you use. 
  • Store ground coffee in its bag, removing as much air as possible. Keep it away from light, air and strong smelling food, which may taint the coffee’s taste, and use within three weeks.


Cafetière Filter Espresso Aeropress


Course (or omni)

Medium (or omni)


Medium (or omni)


1 heaped desert spoon (10g) /180ml cup or adjust to taste

1 heaped desert spoon (10g) /180ml cup or adjust to taste

14-18g for a double shot. (7-9g single) For a double shot of 30-40 ml (single 15-20ml)

2 full Aeropress scoops of coffee. Adjust to taste.


Allow boiling water to cool for 1 minute. Stir in the water and brew for 3-5 minutes before plunging.

Dampen filter paper. Pre-soak coffee pouring over remaining water after 30 seconds.

Grind fine to achieve a 25-30 second extraction. Level coffee with tamper applying firm, consistent pressure. (as you would mashing potato)


Place on top of mug with filter inside, dampen filter. Add coffee and water to taste. Stir with paddle, insert plunger, press down slowly and firmly.


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