Impact & Sustainability

At Moon Roast, reducing our impact on the environment is important to us. We source speciality grade Arabica coffee from small farms in many coffee-growing countries as diverse as Rwanda, Peru and China. Sourcing our coffee as directly from origin as we are able ensures that the small-holder farmers receive the right price for their coffee and that their farming practices remain kind to the environment.  

We try to keep up to date with the best environmentally friendly practices and products available. We have spent time researching the very best packaging available that is suitable for storing our coffee.  Unfortunately, we have found that the range of truly environmentally friendly packaging suitable for storing coffee is limited, and though there are new materials becoming available, often the recycling and waste systems in place by government and council, are not able to recycle them. For our new packaging, we have chosen recyclable bags over compostable ones because we discovered that councils largely only compost food waste and that compostable packaging emits higher levels of  methane while decomposing in landfill.  Our recyclable bags are made from PE, and are recyclable at your local supermarket along with your plastic bags, or check with your local council if they take it with your household recycling. 

At the Roastery, customers can bring their used bags to be recycled. We will pop them in the Terracycle containers which are sent off regularly. We encourage all our local customers to the Roastery Kiosk to refill their Moon Roast bags or their own storage containers when purchasing their beans.  Everything we use from our compostable take-out coffee cups and lids at our kiosk, to our packing boxes and tape is recyclable or compostable. We offer coffee sacks, chaff and used coffee grounds to local gardeners and community garden projects, and are always looking for ways to green up!!