Richard Goodwin Bradshaw

Richard Goodwin Bradshaw or ‘RGB’, as he was more commonly known, joined the principle City of London tea broker, Wilson Smithett in 1895. (Wilson Smithett were also involved with other commodities including coffee, cochineal beetle and rubber as well). RGB became an expert in trading and blending tea from Ceylon, auctioning the imported tea and coffee at Plantation House in Mincing Lane ‘the street of tea’.

Dorman Bradshaw

RGB’s son Dorman Bradshaw worked as a broker at Wilson Smithett too, before joining up and serving as a Major in the RASC in the Second World War.

Haydon Bradshaw

Dorman’s son Haydon Bradshaw began tea tasting with Lyons before moving to Wilson Smithett as a broker. He travelled to Ceylon and worked in Colombo (with closely associated Forbes and Walker) then he went on to work at the Dickwella tea estate. From there he worked at Nestlé, where he was involved initially with instant tea research, before moving to coffee. He then continued as a coffee consultant for the remainder of his career.

Francis Bradshaw

Francis Bradshaw, Haydon’s son, set up Moon Roast - the artisan coffee roastery - in June 2012.