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Moonroast is proud to be a distributor of La Spaziale espresso coffee machines.

"Every espresso has to be a perfect work of art. La Spaziale provides the instrument for its creation.  La Spaziale places itself at the forefront of specialist who claim a perfect work of art - the espresso!" La Spaziale

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Stylish high quality espresso coffee machines built by hand in Bologna, Italy. La Spaziale have been building machines since 1969 and use a patented heat exchanger based on steam. The narrow and deep group heads produce extremely flavoursome coffees and the design is always with the barista in mind. Lever operated steam wands and useful displays help the barista to be in control of the coffee.

La Spaziale S40 Suprema

The top of the range espresso machine from La Spaziale. If you are looking to truly impress yourself and your customers then the La Spaziale S40 is the right choice for you. This state of the art modern espresso machine is built for the passionate barista who likes to know exactly what is going on.
Ideal for coffee shop owners who are looking for the ultimate consistency and need assurance that their machine is helping their baristas to serve the best coffees each and every time.
- Individual Temperature Control (ITC)
- Automatic timer on/off
- Self cleaning cycle
- Grinding control system with warnings for grind
- Built-in shot timers
- Electronic Ground System
- Automatic steam wand (optional)
- Tall versions (optional)
- Lever operated steam wands
- Two preset hot water outlets
- Adjustable hot water temperature
- Card system to access menu
- Stand-by eco mode
- Boost function for busy periods
- LCD display for user friendly info
- Electric cup warmer with various settings
- Barista lights

La Spaziale S5

La Spaziale S5

Looking for an espresso coffee machines that produces the finest espressos all day long with no hassle? Then the La Spaziale S5 is the right choice. This espresso machine is a work horse and has been designed to serve hundreds of coffees all day long. The popular choice for many coffee shop owners; the La Spaziale S5 has one of the most solid reputation in the coffee industry.

- Programmable temperature
- Individual Temperature Control (ITC) (optional)
- Tall versions (optional)
- Lever operated steam wands
- Lever operated hot water outlet


La Spaziale S9 & La Spaziale S8
The La Spaziale S9 range of commercial espresso machine is a stylish newer version of the S5. The S9 series have all the features that the S5 has to offer and comes in a new housing with rounded sides and beautiful curves.

The La Spaziale S8 is the same as the S9 except that you have a dial operated steam wand instead of a lever. Some baristas might prefer a dial. The lever operated steam wand of La Spaziale machines are considered the best on the market. If however you prefer to operate by a dial then the S8 might be ideal for you.

An espresso machine to truly impress anyone standing at the bar or behind the machine.

- Programmable temperature
- Individual Temperature Control (ITC) (optional)
- Tall versions (optional)
- Lever operated steam wands
- Lever operated hot water outlet

La Spaziale S2

Need a quality espresso machine that produces delicious coffees all day without spending a fortune? Then the La Spaziale S2 could be the best choice for you.

The S2 fits many budgets and is a very solid and reliable work horse that is being used by many satisfied owners all over the world.

  • Dial operated steam wands
  • Dial operated hot water outlet

La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II

Need an independent boiler single group espresso machine that can truly deliver? Then the La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi is perfect for you.

A very popular choice for many people who are looking for superb quality in a small housing. Easy to fit on top of many bars because of the small footprint.

  • Independent boiler programmable to 1 C
  • Programmable pre-infusion
  • Two programmable volumetric buttons
  • Small footprint
  • Dial operated steam wand
  • Hot water outlet
  • Eco mode