Barista Training for your business and at home

Home Barista Course

Ambassador and Barista skills training

Training takes place in two stages, at the roastery and at your premises.

 At a glance:

     Freshness, storage and packaging.

     Operating the espresso machine

     Setting up the grinder

     Tamping and packing

     Extraction: avoiding under/over extraction

     Assessing taste

     Milk steaming

     Temperature and texture

     The coffee menu

     Cleaning and maintenance

Both Ambassador and Barista Training are about taking your staff step by step through the techniques required to serve the best cup of coffee to your customers. Barista Training at your premises focuses on barista skills, your equipment, coffee menus and the customer experience. 

Ambassador Training takes place at the roastery and includes a roasting demonstration in a Probat 12 roaster and focuses as much on the origin of the coffee, roasting, flavour and roast profiles to give a much more in depth understanding of the coffee. We insist that at least one key member of your staff comes to roastery for Ambassador training but all staff members are welcome to attend.

For both the style is informal and hands on allowing all staff present to ask as many questions as they like about the coffee, equipment and techniques and have the chance to practice what they are learning in real time.

Free top up training is then recommended at regular intervals to keep skill levels high.

Home Barista Course

Home Barista Course