Hario V60 02 Ceramic Dripper

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Hario V60 02 Ceramic Dripper
  • Hario V60 02 Ceramic Dripper
  • Hario V60 02 Ceramic Dripper
  • £25.00

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If looks can be deceptive then this ceramic dripper certainly deceives with its simplicity because the cup of coffee it produces is anything but. The unique ridges on the inside of the dripper, the 60 degree angle of the sides and the larger exit hole combine to ensure air flow as the water flows through the coffee so the flavour is perfectly extracted every time. Barista’s and home brewers alike often describe experiencing a really “clean” cup of coffee and so do we. Dan loves this brewing equipment. Filters papers are sold separately. Scoop included.

Brewing tip: we recommend 15g coffee to 250mls hot water per cup

Selling points:

  • High quality Porcelain dripper gives maximum heat retention
  • Easy to use and clean, rinse under tap or put in the dishwasher
  • We’re suckers for design so this gets the thumbs up
  • Thin Hario filters enhance the air flow
  • Great complexity in the cup with this deceptively simple brew method
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