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Peru - Huabal
  • Peru - Huabal
  • Peru - Huabal
  • Peru - Huabal
  • Peru - Huabal
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Region Huabal, Jaen
Varietals Caturra, Bourbon, Pache
Altitude 1,750 - 1,800 masl
Process Washed
Cup Score 85
Cup Profile: Baked apple, pear and prune supported by a chocolate-praline sweetness and a creamy body.

More Details: Huabal is a district in the province of Jaen and its main agricultural crop is coffee, with some cacao and rice in the low altitude areas. Since Huabal is part of Jaen, it hasn’t had the same level of investment in roads and infrastructure as some of the districts in San Ignacio (the neighbouring province). This means that Huabal is much more isolated and inhabitants have
difficulty moving between villages and to Jaen city, making the flow of materials for construction and investment from local businesses limited.

For the coffee producers in Huabal, this generally means that they have very little access to training and direct markets since local buyers dominate and prices are kept low by intermediaries controlling the supply chains, which ultimately means that they are unable to invest in their farms, so they’re often poorly managed, and they don’t have ample processing and drying equipment. Despite this, Huabal is one of the districts with the most potential for quality coffee, with ideal growing conditions, a lot of pure arabica varieties and a unique microclimate that gives a very distinct cup profile which can rival the best coffees in Latin America. This lot was made up of a blend of day lots from across Huabal, which were blended according to cup profile and quality. Most of the producer have between 1 and 3 hectares and pick, process and dry their coffee in their family homes.

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