Celebrating Internationals Womens Day

As international women's day approaches, we are left wondering how we can celebrate the hard work and achievements of women at every stage of what we drink every morning.
We have recently purchased a new coffee from Huehuetenango.
Let us introduce you to MUJERES - The Women of Huehue.

This is a very special lot consisting of coffee grown by 8 amazing women across 5 different villages in Huehuetenango. The women who contributed to this lot are Minga, Juana, Lety and Victorina, Sandra, Maria, Luz, and Petrona. Once the coffee is dried, Yadira Aracela cups every lot, and combines similar qualities and profiles together. The concept of the community lots is to support the producer.

Each producer will process their own coffee: hand pulp, use a tank foot remove floaters, ferment for 22-24 hours, move coffee, and bring in the next batch.

After fermentation, the coffee is washed and moved to the channels. The time spent here depends on the capacity of each farm/parcel. Most parcels of land benefit from natural spring water. In some cases, the women don't have access to water. In this case, the coffee will be quickly washed in channels. Once the water runs clear, the coffee is then moved to patios.
The coffee dries for 7-10 days during sunny period, or up to 20 during cloudy days.

In the cup we have been experiencing stewed pear, cherry and a balanced sweetness, and we couldn't be more excited about sharing this fantastic coffee with you.

 Guatemala - Women of Huehue


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